# 3.B Yogasana-Sitting Posture-Bhadrasana-Ardhaustrasana-Sasaankasana-Vakrasana- Health And Fitness Explained In English

# 3.B Yogasana-Sitting Posture-Bhadrasana-Ardhaustrasana-Sasaankasana-Vakrasana- Health And Fitness Explained In English


As We Learnt Yesterday That What Is The Type Comes In Standing Postures. In The Article, We Have Discussed All Asana’S Benefits And How We Can Do In Other Word Techniques. We Can Say That We Have Completed Tadasana, Vrkasana, Pada-Hastasana, And Ardhacakrasana, Etc..

In This Article, We’ll See Part-B Where We Must Have to Observe The Firm/Auspicious Posture, The Half Camel Posture, The Hare Posture, And The Spinal twist Posture. And, If You Didn’t Read the Previous Leaning You Can Visit By Given Link…

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So, Now We Will Have To Proceed Next…So Without Further More Let’s Get Started…

Sitting Postures

Bhadrasana ( The Firm/ Auspicious Posture )

Bhadra Means Firm Or Auspicious, And STHITI Is Long Sitting Posture ( Vidramasana )


  • Sit Erect With The Legs Stretched Out Straight In The Front.
  • Keep The Hands Beside The Help. This Is Dandasana.
  • Now Put The Soles Of Your Feet Together.
  • Exhale And Clasp Your Hands Together Over Your Toes. Pull Your Heels As Close As Possible Up To Perineum Region.
  • If You Things Are Not Touching Or Are Not Close To The Floor, Place A Soft Cushion Underneath The Knees For Support. This Is The Final Position.
  • Stay Here For Some Time.
  • Keeps The Body Firm And Stabilize The Mind.
  • Keeps The Knees And Hip Joints Healthy.
  • Helps To Relieve Knee Pain.
  • Acts On The Abdominal Organs And Releases Any Tension In The Abdomen.
  • Benefits Women By Relieving Abdominal Pain Often Experienced During Menstruation.
A Word Of Caution
  • Avoid This Practice In Case Of Severe Arthritis And Sciatica.
Ardhaustrasana ( The Half Camel Posture )

Sthiti: Long Sitting Posture ( Visramasana )
Ustra means Camel. The Final Version Of This Asana Resembles The Hump Of A Camel. In This Version, Only The First Stage Of The Asana Is Being Practiced.
  • Sit-In Visramasana.
  • Come To Dandasana.
  • Fold Your Legs And Sit On Your Heels.
  • Keep The Tights Close And Big Toes Touching.
  • Place The Hands On The Knees.
  • The Head And Back Should Be Straight.
  • This Is Vajrasana.
  • Stand On Your Knees.
  • Place The Hands On The Waist With Fingers Pointing Downward.
  • Keep The Elbows And Shoulders Parallel.
  • Bend The Head Back And Stretch The Neck Muscles; Inhale And Bend The Trunk Backwards As Much As Possible. As You Exhale, Relax.
  • Keep The Thighs Perpendicular To The Ground.
  • Remain In The Posture For 10-30 Second WITH Normal Breathing.
  • Return With Inhalation; Sit-In Vajrasana.
  • Relax In Visramasana.
  • If You Reach The Heels, You Can Place Your Hands On Them And Bend Backwards. This Is Called Ustrasana.
  • Relieves Constipation And Back Pain.
  • Increases Blood Circulation To The Head And Cardiac Region.
A Word Of Caution
  • In Case Of Hernia And Abdominal Injuries, Arthritis, Vertigo, And Pregnancy, Please Avoid Doing This Asana.
Sasankasana ( The Hare Posture ) 

Sthiti: Vajrasana
  • Sit-In Vajrasana.
  • Spread Both The Knees Wide Apart, Keep The Big Toes Touching.
  • Keep The Palms Between The Knees.
  • Exhale And Slowly Stretch Them Full Lenght.
  • Bend Forward And Place The Chin On The Ground.
  • Keep The Arms Parallel.
  • Lock-In Front And Maintain The Posture.
  • Inhale And Come Up.
  • Exhale And Come Back To Vajrasana.
  • Stretch Your Legs Back To Visramasan.
  • It Helps To Reduce Stress, Anger Etc.
  • It Tones Up Reproductive Organs, Relieves Constipation, Improves Digestion, And Relieve Back Pain.
A Word Of Caution
  • Please Avoid This Posture In Case Of Acute Backache.
    • Patients With Osteoarthritis Of The Knees Should Exercise With Caution Or Avoid Vajrasana.
Vakrasana ( The Spinal Twist Posture )

Vakra Means Twisted. In This Asana, The Spine Is Twisted Which Has A Rejuvenating Effect On Its Functioning.
Sthiti: Dandasana
  • Bend The Right Leg, And Place The Right Foot Beside The Left Knee.
  • As You Exhale, Twist The Body To The Right.
  • Bring The Left Arm Around The Right Knee And Clasp The Right Big Toe Or Place The Palm Beside Right Foot.
  • Take The Right Arm Back And Keep The Palm On The Ground With The Back Straight.
  • Remain In The Posture For 10-30 Seconds With Normal Breathing And Relax.
  • Take Out Your Hands With Exhalation And Relax, And 
  • Repeat The Same Procedure On The Other Side.
  • Increase Flexibility Of The Spine.
  • Helps To Overcome Constipation, Dyspepsia.
  • Stimulates Pancreas And Helps In The Management Of Diabetes.
A Word Of Caution
  • Please Avoid This Posture In Case Of Severe Back Pain, Vertebral And Disc Disorders, After Abdominal Surgery And During Menstruation.
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