Part- 4 How To Do Kapalabharti-Pranayama-Breath Of Fire- Benefit And Precautions- Health And Fitness- Explained In English

Part- 4 How To Do Kapalabharti-Pranayama-Breath Of Fire- Benefit And Precautions- Health And Fitness- Explained In English


Hey Friends, Today We Will See The Kapal Bharti yOGASANA. In Which We Must Have to Perceive Some Kinda Technique, Some kind Of Benefits And A Word Of Caution.

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Sthiti: It’s Any Meditative Posture Sukasana/Padmasana/Vajrasana

  • Sit-In Any Meditative Posture.
  • Close The Eyes And Relax The Whole Body.
  • Inhale Deeply Through Both Nostrils, Expand The Chest.
  • Expel The Breath With Forceful Contractions Of The Abdominal Muscles And Relax.
  • Do Not Strain.
  • Continue Active/Forceful Exhalation And Passive Inhalation.
  • Complete 30 Rapid Breaths, Then Take A Deep Breath And Exhale Slowly.
  • This Is One Round Of Kapalabharti.
  • Each Round Shall Be Followed By Deep Breathing.
  • Repeat 2 More Rounds.

Forceful Exhalation By Contracting The Abdominal Muscles, Without Any Undue Movements In The Chest And Shoulder Region. Inhalation Should Be Passive Throughout The Practiced.
Number Of Rounds

Beginners Can Practice Up To 3 Rounds Of 20 Breaths Each. The Count And Rounds Can Be Increased Gradually Over A Period Of Time.
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  • Kapalabharti Purifies The Frontal Air Sinuses; Helps To Overcome Cough Disorders.
  • It Is Useful In Treating Cold, Rhinitis, Sinusitis, Asthma, And Bronchial Infections.
  • It Rejuvenates Whole Body And Keeps The Face Young And Vibrant.
    • It Balances And Strengthens The Nervous System And Tones Up The Digestive System.
A Word Of Caution

  • Please Avoid This Practice In Case Of Cardiac Conditions And Giddiness, High Blood Pressure, Vertigo, Chronic Bleeding In The Nose, Epilepsy, Migraine, Stroke, Hernia And Gastric Ulcers.
Now, You Have Completed Most Of The Yogasana, And Next Up Coming Days We Will See Other Yogasana. For Increasing Our Immunity Power As Well As For Healthy Life.
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