# 6,7 Dhyana In Sambhavi Mudra- Sankalpa- Santih Patha- Yoga Science Explained In English

# 6,7 Dhyana In Sambhavi Mudra- Sankalpa- Santih Patha- Yoga Science Explained In English


We Have Completed All Yogasana Lesson Here, But… Hi Friends, Today We Will See The Dhyana YOGASANA In Sambhavi Posture And Sankalpa. So, Please Stay Tuned Till The End Of The Article. But, Before Starting I Want To Know That Have You Done Previous Yogasana Article. If Yes, Then Well-done. And, If NO So You Don’t Worry I’ll Give You The Article’s Link. By Which, You Can Directly Land On The Article Page. So, I Think Without Any Further Delay, We Have To Just Start The Journey Of Article.

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Dhyana Or Meditation Is An Act Of Continuous Contemplation.
Sthithi : Any Meditation Posture
  1. Sit-In Any Meditative Posture.
  2. Keep Your Spine Comfortably Erect.
  3. Hold Jnana Mudra As Follows :
  • Touch The Tip Of The Thumb To The Tip Of The Index Finger, Forming A Circle.
  • The Other Three Fingers Are Straight And Relaxed.
  • All Three Fingers Are Side-By-Side And Touching. Keep Your Palms Facing Upwardsupon The Thighs.
  • Arms And Shoulders Should Be Loose And Relaxed.   
  • Close Your Eyes And Sit With A Slightly Upturned Face.
  • You Need Not Concentrate. Just Maintain A Mild Focus Between The Eyebrows And Be Conscious Of Your Breath.
  • Dissolve Your Thoughts And Attain Single And Pure Thought.
  • Meditation.
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  1. For Beginners, Soothing Music May Be Played In The Background During Meditation.
  2. Stay As Long As You Can.
  • Meditation Is The Most Important Component Of Yoga Practice.
  • It Helps The Practitioner To Eliminate Negative Emotions Like Fear, Anger, Depression, Anxiety, And To Develop Positive Emotions.
  • Keeps The Mind Calm And Quiet.
  • Increases Concentration, Memory, Clarity Of Thought, And Will Power.
  • Rejuvenates The Whole Body And Mind Giving Them Proper Rest.
  • Meditation Leads To Self-Realization.
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I Commit, To Make Myself Into A Healthy, Peaceful, Joyful And Loving Human Being. Through Every Action Of Mine, I Will Strive To Create A Peaceful And Loving Atmosphere Around Me. I Strive To Break The Limitations Of Who I Am Right Now And Include The Entire World As My Own. I Recognize The Kinship Of My Own Life With Every Other Life. I Recognize The Unity Of All There Is.
                                                      “”Om Sarve Bhanantu Sukhinah, Sarve Santu Niramayah, Sarve Bhadrani Pasantu, Maa Kascit Duhkha Bhagbhavet, Om Shantih Shantih Shantih””
May All become Happy, May All Be Free From Illness, May All See What Is Auspicious, May No One Suffer, On Peace…Peace…Peace
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