# 3.D Supine Posture-Setubandhasana-Pavanamuktasana-Savasana- Health And Fitness- Explained In English

# 3.D Supine Posture–Setubandhasana-Pavanamuktasana-Savasana- Health And Fitness- Explained In English


As We Learnt In the Previous Article That What Is The Type Comes In Prone Postures. In The Article, We Have Discussed All Asana’S Benefits And How We Can Do In Other Word Techniques. We Can Say That We Have Completed Bhujangasana, Salabhasana, And Makrasana.
In This Article, We’ll See Part-D Where We Must Have to Observe The Bridge Posture, The Wind Releasing Posture, And  The Dead Body Posture. And, If You Didn’t Read the Previous Leaning You Can Visit By Given Link…

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Supine Postures

Setubandhasana ( The Bridge Posture )

Setu bandha Means Formation Of Bridge. This Posture, The Body Is Positioned Like A Bridge, Hence The Name. This Is Also Called As Catuspadasana.

Sthiti: Supine Lying; Savasana


  • Bend Both The Legs At The Knees And Bring The Heels Near The Buttocks.
  • Hold Both The Ankles Firmly; Keep The Knees And Feet In One Straight Line.
  • Inhale; Slowly Raise Your Buttocks And Trunk Up As Much As You Can To Form Bridge.
  • Remain In This Position For 10-30 Seconds, With Normal Breathing.
  • Exhale, Slowly Return To The Original Position And Relax In Savasana.
  • In The Final Position, The Shoulders And Head Remain In Contact With The Floor.
  • If Required, In The Final Position, You Can Support Your Body At The Waist With Your Hands.
  • Relieves Depression And Anxiety. Strengthens Lower Back Muscles.
  • Stretches Abdominal Organs, Improves Digestion And Helps To Relieve Constipation.
A Word Of Caution

People Suffering From Ulcers And Hernia, And Women In Advanced Stages Of Pregnancy Should Not Practice This Asana.
Pavanamuktasana ( The Wind Releasing Posture )

Pavan Means Wind And Mukta Mean To Release Or To Make Free. As The Name Suggests, This Asana Is Useful In Removing Wind Or Flatulence From The Stomach And Intestines.
Sthiti: Savasana
  • Lie Down Flat On The Back.
  • Bend Both The Knees And Bring The Thighs To the Chest.
  • Interlock The Fingers And Clasp The Shin Below Knees.
  • Exhale; Rise The Head Till Your Chin Touches The Knees And Relax.
  • This Is Pavanamuktasana.
  • Bring The Head Back To The Ground.
  • While Exhaling, Lower The Legs To The Floor.
  • Rest In Savasana.
  • Synchronize Your Breathing With The Leg Movement.
  • While Touching The Knee With The Nose/Forehead, You Should Be Able To Feel The Lumbar Region Stretch; Keep The Eyes Closed And Focus Your Attention On The Lumbar Region.
  • Removes Constipation; Gives Relief From Flatulence, Decrease The Bloating Sensation In The Abdomen And Aids Digestion.
  • Offers Deep, Internal Pressure, Massage, And Stretching Of The Highly Complicated Network Of Muscles, Ligaments And Tendons In The Pelvis And Waist Region.
  • It Tones Up The Back Muscles And Spinal Nerves.
A Word Of Caution

Please Avoid This Practice In  Case Of Abdominal Injuries, Hernia, Sciatica, Or Severe Back Pain And During Pregnancy.
Savasana ( The Dead Body Posture )

Sava Means Dead Body. The Final Position In This Asana Resembles A Dead Body.
Sthiti: Supine Relaxation Posture
  • Lie Down On Your Back With Arms And Legs Comfortably Apart.
  • Palms Facing Upward; Eyes Closed.
  • Relax The Whole Body Consciously.
  • Become Aware Of Nature Breath And Allow It To Become Rhythmic And Slow.
  • Remain In The Position Till You Feel Refresh And Relax.
  • Helps To Relieve All Kinds Of Tensions And Gives Rest To Both Body And Mind.
  • Relaxes The Whole Phycho-Physiological System.
  • The Mind, Which Is Constantly Attracted To The Outer World, Takes A U-Turn And Moves Inwards, Thus Gradually Getting Absorbed; As The Mind Turns Quiet And Absorbed, The Practitioner Remains Undisturbed By The External Environment.
  • It Is Found Very Beneficial In The Management Of Stress And Its Consequences.
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